Welcome to The Violin Shop

The Violin Shop Ltd (formerly Virtuoso Strings) is a proud family business, owned and managed by husband and wife team Elizabeth Sneyd and Craig Utting. Elizabeth and Craig are professional string players who share a deep love of music and musical instruments. Perhaps most importantly they are teachers and parents who have worked extremely hard over more than the past decade to source exceptional quality violins, violas, cellos, double basses, sheet music and accessories for their students and their own children.

At The Violin Shop you will get honest, impartial advice when purchasing an instrument. Visit the showroom where Elizabeth and Craig will give you all the personal attention you need to select the violin, viola or cello that best suits your budget and playing requirements. If you prefer, you may phone or email us to enquire or make an order. Shipping is FREE within New Zealand for all orders exceeding $100.There is a flat shipping and handling charge of $10 for all orders $100 or less.

With literally hundreds of instruments in stock, all extensively set up by professional luthiers or specialist stringed instrument restorers, The Violin Shop has something to suit every taste and every budget - whether you are searching for a quality beginner's instrument, or a top of the line instrument for your own professional career. We also stock a comprehensive range of accessories, from strings, bows and cases, through to rosin, sheet music and CDs. And if you can't find what you are looking for, just give us a call on 04 232 1231 and we will do our best to source a product which meets your needs.


We offer a huge range of new and played-in violins, from basic models for your toddler through to absolutely top-grade fullsize violins


We offer a great range of new violas in a variety of sizes. We have a wealth of teaching and performance experience we can share with students looking for an appropriate instrument.


We offer a huge range of new and played-in cellos of all sizes, from basic student models through to absolutely top-grade cellos sought after by professional players.


We stock a wide selection of bows from affordable bows for students to top-grade bows for advancing students and professionals


We stock a wide range of strings for beginners to professionals. We have invaluable personal experience of each brand and can advise you of the best string for your needs


We stock shoulder rests, rosin, mutes, metronomes and tuners, music stands and accessories, and instrument stands

Instrument Cases

We supply a wide selection of cases from affordable foam cases to top quality, beautifully designed and handcrafted cases that provide superior protection

Instrument Specials

Specially priced played-in instruments feature on this page. They are priced for a quick sale, so don't hesitate to enquire about any that take your fancy.

Indigenous Instruments

We stock indigenous instruments from all over the world for use by toddlers learning about rhythm through to professional ensembles wanting colorful tones and timbres

Instrument Pricing (including GST)

Instrument Size
Violins 1/32 $150 N/A      
  1/16 $165 N/A      
  1/8 $180 $600 N/A    
  1/4   $600 $1200 N/A  
  1/2   $800 $1200 N/A  
  3/4   $800 $1200 $2000 N/A
  4/4   $1000 $1600 $2600 $4200
Violas all   $1400 $2000 $3000 $4600
Cellos 4/4   N/A $4000 $6000 $8000

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© copyright 2016   The Violin Shop Ltd - Stringed Instrument Specialists
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© copyright 2016 The Violin Shop Ltd website by frogwebworks
© copyright 2016 The Violin Shop Ltd
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